Josep Claverol Sesplugas President © Jaume Noguera
Josep Claverol Sesplugas
© Jaume Noguera

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I am posting this message on this new website being launched on the occasion of the birth of the Valenti Claverol Foundation.

The Valenti Claverol Archives that my father and I set up in 1970 have until this April 2009 been the keeper of different collections of historical patrimony, a patrimony of two photographers, José and his son, my father Valenti Claverol. This important part of the history of our beloved valleys tracing history in the making since 1902 until 1974 has now become the Valenti Claverol Foundation.

This foundation which I am honored to preside, with a very active Board of trustees, men and women who have been asked to join this venture for their capabilities, and also for their different points of view, I am a great believer that sitting a very different group of people together with one common goal can only but bring goods results, the goal here being  that of continuing the work of José and Valenti Claverol, the divulging and explaining of our historical patrimony with a special emphasis of the education aspect of the historical and sociological aspect of our history.
Photography and cinematography is an important tool, a tool that preserved, preserves and will preserve history, in the making, in the moment, and for times to come.

This new beginning, yet a continuation of what has been done for now 39 years, this new adventure, is the continuing work of all of us at the Valenti Claverol Foundation, a group of people, a team, dedicated to the preservation of history, for this generation and generations to come, with respect, humility and an overwhelming desire for that the history of a small Pyrenean country travels far and wide, for all to understand, to appreciate and to learn from.
My deepest thanks to our board of trustees, for accepting to joins us, with their personalities, sense of humor, and professionalism, but most of all for being who they are, true human beings who share the passion we all have, that is of  the history of the Principality of Andorra.

With warm regards
Josep Claverol Sesplugas