The Valentí Claverol Foundation



Further to a request made to the Andorran Government for constituting as a Private Foundation, The Valenti Claverol Foundation succeeds the Valenti Claverol Archives in April 2009

Through its President, Vice President and board of Trustees, The Foundation takes over the role of divulging, explaining and making available to the public, the immense photographic and cinematographic legacy left by Valenti Claverol Cirici and José Claverol.


The objective of the foundation is to continue the work so diligently undertaken by the Valenti Claverol Archives since 1970. Through its board continue with the expansion of its collections, maintaining its long term policy of recuperating material, authored by José and Valenti Claverol (both photographic and cinematographic) not currently held by the Foundation as well as continuing to collaborate with both governmental and private institutions.  The board will establish future collaborations, always keeping a very special emphasis with specific actions in the field of education, as well as divulging and making available to the youth of Andorra the important legacy, historical and sociological that José Claverol and Valenti Claverol left for future generations.

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